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Another day, another prenatal appointment

Today I had my regular prenatal appointment. My doctor was out of town so I saw an NP. Same weight as last time, good blood pressure, no swelling, belly growing at a predictable rate. She couldn’t do a sonogram, but I got to hear the heartbeat. It was hard to find because TMQ seemed to be wiggling around a lot. I also got a flu shot. And let me say, after having a big needle stuck deep in my belly, a flu shot is very not painful. Then I got a massage, which was wonderfully relaxing.

David and I will probably go look at strollers and car seats this weekend. Trying to figure out what we need and where to register is a bitch. I’ve been trolling Consumer Reports for information. It’s misleading to read the customer reviews on sites, they can be so contradictory. And full of scary bad grammar and spelling. Other things I’m eyeing – a cushy glider by Storytime Gliders, and a daybed from West Elm. I’ve picked out a crib from IKEA (pending designer approval). Said designer will be visiting next week to help me nail down the plan for the room, and then it’s time to put the menfolk to work on the painting and carpet.

It’s nice to be past some of the big hurdles and to be able to start concentrating on some of the fun stuff. It’s also nice not to feel death all the time. The second trimester is officially way better.

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