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And again, whew!

Cool stuff from Nerdy Baby. Check it out!

Cool stuff from Nerdy Baby. Check it out!

The final amnio results came back this morning and all is good in genetic babyland. Even though our insurance company will probably gouge us, getting the early results were well worth it, as I would have had several heart attacks by now if I’d been forced to wait. And while I’m mostly loving living chemical free, I’ve missed my xanex like you wouldn’t believe over the past two weeks.

Still, now we know stuff is good, and we can RELAX a bit. We’re having a high-power ultrasound in a couple weeks with Dr. Barry, and I think after that it’s back to regular old prenatal care.

Things are stretching. Ever heard of Round Ligament Pain? Look it up. I’m hoping it stays as intermittent as it is right now, because OW. I took a good long walk today, so hopefully that won’t make it worse.

Plans are underway for TMQ’s room. All I can say is it’s not going to involve any baby pink and it’s going to be wicked cool. I will probably want to move in. We should have the paint and carpet picked out shortly, and then Daddy and Grandpa will get to work! I may get enlisted to paint some furniture, but I’m cool with that. Anybody enjoy sanding? Anyone?

2 comments to And again, whew!

  • Chris

    That’s wonderful to hear, I bet you’re feeling very relieved. Can’t wait to find out what you’re doing with her room. And for the record it’s a ‘no’ to sanding, ‘yes’ to painting and ‘hell yes’ to shopping for me 😉

  • Awesome! I am totally enlisting you.

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