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Mourning the loss

goodbye…of my waist. It seems to be disappearing. I’ve always had a proportionately small waist. Until now. A friend referred to it as “tree trunk syndrome” and I’ve come down with it. Somebody please tell me I can have my waist back after I give birth! How else will I carry the kid around on my hip? He/She’ll slide off!

I’m finding pre-natal yoga more and more useful these days. It’s very good to be able to compare notes with other pregnant ladies. Most seem to have some level of nausea in the first trimester. Some have it BAD. The teacher last night was also quite pregnant – she said she’d hadn’t been able to hold down water until she got medication. Yikes! One lady hadn’t had nausea, she’d had constant heartburn. Which blows, because that usually doesn’t happen a lot until the third trimester. What’s reassuring about all this is there is no map. Your body has been taken over by aliens. There is no normal.

Oh, and someone recommended this. It’s basically a big sock that you wear over your unbuttoned/unzipped pants or skirts. Instant maternity wear! I’m getting one.

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