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Mostly Good News

SMARTFOOD_White_Cheddar_Cheese_Flavored_PopcornThe nausea continues to abate. Still a bit in the evenings and if I forget to eat EVERY FIVE MINUTES. Okay, maybe not quite that often, but pretty dang often. It’s all about Smartfood and Pop Tarts. I did make hatch mac and cheese this week. That’s right, I cooked! It was pretty good.

I went to the chiropractor today and got that injury worked on, so I’m hoping it will heal up faster now. It also seems marginally cooler now, I’m hoping to start walking in the mornings a bit. While I’m not exercising nearly as much as before I got pregnant, I’ve got to give myself props for keeping up regular (5-6 days a week) exercise of some kind. I pretty much start to go crazy if I don’t do anything.

So now that I don’t want to sleep all the time, I’m starting to think about all the stuff we’re supposed to accumulate before the big event. I’m trying to find lightweight, non-bulky gear. I hate carrying around tons of crap. When I go on vacation, I pack and repack for weeks in advance because I HATE bringing stuff I don’t use.

Also, finding stuff for babies that doesn’t look absurd is somewhat challenging. For example, bassinets. There’s this:


Does this make anyone else want to hurl?

or this:


Much better.

I am not a big fan of excessive frills. I’m also in favor of the second one because it doubles as a co-sleeper. And you know what that means? More sleep for me.


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