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Seriously considering maternity pants

materinty capris from Motherhood Maternity

materinty capris from Motherhood Maternity

I know, seven weeks is a wee bit early to be thinking about maternity clothes. But consider this: normally I like my pants a little snug in the hips, and I also have a habit of “sucking it in”. Good for the abs, right? Well that is pretty much impossible now. Holding in my belly is a) really uncomfortable, b) almost impossible, and c) probably stupid. So while my pants all still fit my ass and legs just fine, I CAN’T STAND how they feel on my stomach. Even the ones that areĀ  loose! Argh! I tried to ignore it the other day and ended up having really bad cramps. Probably coincidence, but who knows? Tiny Napoleon does not like to be squished.

Out of curiousity I tried on a pair of maternity jeans at Old Navy last week but they were way too huge in the waist. I’m thinking about swinging by the mall later to try these puppies on. Wish me luck. I’m tired of yoga pants.

This morning I’m staked out at Thunderbird Coffee while my car is being serviced at First Texas Honda next door. They have this nice row of tables in front of a long bench with outlets for your laptop. Do you think they’d mind if I stretched out and took a nap?

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