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Yesterday I bought every known morning sickness cure available (that I hadn’t tried already):

Sea Bands


Ginger Pills


and Preggie Pops (Stupidest. Name. Ever.):


I can’t vouch totally for the ginger, but it seems to help. The pops help while you’re eating them, but the sourness is not easy on the mouth and the sugar will eventually rot my teeth if I eat too many of them. The Sea Bands seem to work! Hallelujah! I’m not exactly back to normal (because there is no normal any more), but I was far more functional yesterday. I accomplished things! I didn’t feel like death all day long!

I did suck it up and buy a pair of maternity capris that will serve me well on vacation, and hopefully continue to through the end of summer (which is about November here in Austin).  And a cute dress from Target. It’s amazing how some comfy, cute clothes can make you feel soooo much better. The demise of my jeans is complete. I can officially no longer stand any pressure on my abdomen, so I’m going to make due with what I’ve got now for a few more weeks, and then it’s maternity shopping for me! I dead stealth try on a pair of maternity jeans yesterday. Most. Comfortable. Jeans. Ever. And cute!

Tomorrow morning we leave for Destin. Armed with my Sea Bands, I’m less in terror of the drive. I’ll be posting from vacation (probably) either here or on my regular blog or both.

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