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On to week six

Yesterday was officially the end of week 5, and I’m officially getting morning sickness. Which is really random whenever sickness, accompanied by a weird sour taste that so far is only dispelled by rinsing with salt water. The insomnia is totally out of hand. What to Expect When You’re Expecting says women in their first trimester often sleep 10-12 hours per night. Can I have some of that please? I’m averaging 4. I tried really hard not to nap today in the hope of sleeping longer tonight, but I did break down and sleep for about 45 minutes this afternoon.

There are some emotional changes as well, most of which I’m finding pretty positive. My filters are a little low. Yes, I know I’m not exactly the queen of discrete to begin with, but I find it’s easier for me to stick up for myself and make healthy decisions about what to spend my time and energy on. This might be the result of  assloads of hours spent in therapy, but I suspect there’s a hormonal component. I’ve watched other women get a little mellower, or a little blunter, or more grounded when pregnant. I think it’s cool.

I’m trying to take lots of yoga classes, but I’ve always been a bit of a crap student in certain ways. I usually feel kind of exposed in yoga class. I get really uncomfortable if I don’t feel safe with the teacher, and I will put myself down if the person next to me is better at stuff than I am. How un-yogic can you get? Especially now, if I feel like the teacher isn’t meeting my needs I get seriously grumpy. Luckily, I’ve already found a few teachers I really like so I should be able to settle into a routine soon. I just got a pre-natal Vinyasa dvd in the mail and am hoping to try it out tomorrow.

Food was easier today. I had some nausea, but not too much. It’s worst when I’ve been outside for too long. The heat here is brutal. We had a two day respite where it was only in the low 90s, now were back in the 100s. Florida is going to be cool by comparison.

We’re both really looking forward to getting away and having some alone time together. We’ll be in Destin for five days and New Orleans for two. I’m hoping my stomach is doing a bit better by then, because the food in New Orleans is one of my favorite things.

I’m getting sleepy, so I’m signing off. Send me deep sleep vibes!

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