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Better. It’s so hard to get used to the utter unpredictably of my body. I think the B6 works, at least to some extent. This morning I woke up early (5:30am) and forced down some dry crackers. Good move. I think I avoided the worst of the early morning nausea that way.

Yesterday seemed to go like this: ignore feelings of fatigue – get sick. Pay attention to feelings of fatigue and rest – less sick. Today wasn’t too bad considering all the stuff I had to do. Didn’t get to fall into a face-first coma until well nigh 4pm.

My brother suggested white rice with ponzu sauce when I’m feeling ick. Holy crap, was he right. My ponzu sauce is not really authentic, it doesn’t have vinegar in it. I just combine low sodium soy, lemon juice, and a little agave syrup. Anything lemony really appeals to me right now.

Exercise is harder right now, mainly because I get tired and nauseated easily. I really need to learn how to just kick off early if I need to. I’ve always been very competitive with myself in exercise classes and it’s not serving me well at the moment. I’m supplementing with extra walks if I can’t do a full 1-1.5 hour class. I’m also being far too self-critical. Walking twice and taking a yoga class in one day is not bad when you feel like you have a stomach flu.

I’ve also taken up meditation again, long overdue. Exhaustion, stress, and hormones are a fun cocktail that certainly adds to the overall ick.

The rest of my week is a little busy, but I’ve been clearing chunks of time because I know I have to collapse at least once a day. Otherwise David gets to deal with the Meltdown Queen when he gets home, which is no fun for either of us. I’m a little worried abut Friday, when we drive 12 hours to Florida. But we’re taking my car which has much better air conditioning. It will be fine, as long as I have a lot of crackers.

While there’s obviously no rhythm to get into when my body is changing from moment to moment, I’m starting to get the hang of listening to it and responding appropriately. And right now, it’s saying, “Go to bed!”

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