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If it's not one thing…

Yes, another post about my digestive system. Feel free to bypass.

miralaxThe anti-nausea stuff works really well, and I feel a whole lot better. Except it causes the worst constipation ever. So after eating nothing but fruit puree for 24 hours to no avail (not quite¬† but close) I called my doctor and got a recommendation for a laxative. I’ve never taken a laxative, that I can recall. Hopefully there won’t be a grosser post tomorrow.

I’m still pretty tired, and I think the anti-nausea stuff contributes. But I so don’t care. My mental hygiene is sooooo much better.

I’m not sure if I’m going to hold off on the general announcement until 12 weeks or until after the amnio. A bunch of people know by now, but I’m still not advertising. Although I suspect I’m going to be showing fairly soon. My massage therapist commented I’d lost weight since the last time she saw me (bless her) so I guess I’m not showing yet, although I’m much more front-heavy than before. I think the combo of being curvy and short means there’s not much room for the uterus to stretch up. It’s all out. It’s amazing how different women at the same stage of pregnancy look! At my prenatal class yesterday, there were two women at 37 weeks. One was HUGE in the belly. I mean HUUUUUGE. And the other was smaller than a lot of the 2nd trimester women. All I know is my belly feels waaaay different already.

My skin has improved, though I’m still wearing minimal makeup. I’m kind of red and blotchy compared to pre-pregnancy, but far less oily and acne-ridden. Also, my doctor said I could use salicylic acid stuff on my face, which means I can use this. Bonus!

Oh, and did I mention how amazing it is to NOT EAT ALL THE TIME? The other beauty of Zofran. I don’t feel compelled to stuff my face every two hours so I don’t get horribly sick. I can actually get hungry! This is a beautiful thing. Now if we can just get the other thing straightened out…

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