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Heading Home

New Orleans, French QuarterNew Orleans was fun, but tiring. I dragged David all over, effectively exhausting us both. In spite of my food restrictions, I managed to sample some pretty dang tasty stuff. The weirdness of pregnancy means being v e r y careful not to eat too much at meals. Which means I’m eating about half my meals and David is cleaning up the rest. Lucky him. I’ve gone from underfeeding him at home (can’t stand cooking right now) to over-feeding him on vacation.

We took a swamp tour yesterday. I was worried about nausea on the 45 minute bus trip there and back, and on the boat ride, but I was mostly okay. Mostly okay can describe my state about two thirds of the day, and not so great describes the rest. Have to say, I’m wicked tired of feeling nauseous. Also, and I’m going to be indelicate here, when was my digestive system taken over by angry aliens? The interweb tells me that everything slows down so the fetus can leech nutrients out of my system. All I know is a day with two bowel movements is a glorious day, and a day without any sucks a whole lot and contributes to the overall malaise.

I was officially eight weeks yesterday. On Tuesday we have our first prenatal appointment. I think I’ll find out a more accurate due date at that point, but it might be at the next appointment.

We’re going to head back to Austin sometime this morning. I’m hoping to get one more fix of New Orleans food before we do.

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