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Capitalism as Religion

I’ve thought for a long time that the concept of the free market as a higher truth has reached biblical proportions. Some of my teachers in school, a lot of business people I know, and obviously our current administration seem to believe that if we allow our economy to function independent of regulation this “best possible world” Utopia where the greatest good for the greatest number would be the result. I’ve observed that this belief is often as dogmatic as any religious belief, and exists across many demographics.

I think any “perfect” ideology – socialism, capitalism, libertarianism – while really interesting from a philosophic standpoint, is doomed to eventual failure when it becomes dogmatic and inflexible. The world, societies, economies and other large systems are complex and diverse. It’s the very flexibility of our system that allows it to remain intact during drastic internal and external change.

The Colbert Report picked up on the Capitalism as Religion theme:

Glad to know it’s not just me. And he’s way funnier.

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