We done went and got married.
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3 comments to Mawwiage

  • Cortney

    CONGRATS! That is so exciting!!! We’ll need the whole story when you get back!

  • diaphinia

    Felicitations to the newlyweds! Your trip looks gorgeous, for many reasons!

  • Sr. Benedicta

    Once, in my first year of college when I was writing a paper against marriage in a Women’s Psychology course, I wanted to write about a somewhat outmoded word describing the state of matrimony which had been irksome to me: wedlock. It had, for me, the ring of a ball and chain complete with key and lock. When I started my research I discovered (then to my dismay due to my fantastic theory) that wedlock comes from an Old English work “wedlac” – wed = “a compact” lac = “an offering or gift” in meaning akin to the Gothic word for “a dance.” So, in essense, it is “the promise of a dance” which is one of the most beautiful descriptions that I have ever heard for marriage. I wish that for you both… a beautiful, long dance with different tempi and styles not forgetting pauses to take a breath and enjoy from a distance.

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