For Posterity

I decided it was time to post links to some of my favorite blog entries (not mine). I post links to websites I like occasionally, but it seems like all the brilliance of the daily blogs gets lost after a while. Here are a few of my very favorites:

Scott Adams – The Things I Say
The Dilbert guy.

Go Fug Yourself – Evan Rachel Fug
The first entry of GFY that I ever read, and possibly the funniest. David thought I was having a seizure.

Blue Meany – This entry… well, it’s kind of a big deal
Very funny lady who is currently serving in Iraq.

Eat My Blog – Zen and the Art of the Sober Drunk
Guide To Street-Preaching: Ministering to the Drunkard
Very funny guy I know, local stand-up

Okay, that was a great idea, but do you know how long it takes to dig through blogs you’ve been reading for two years to find your favorite posts? Note to self: bookmark them.

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