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Ode to Ebay

In general, I am not a huge Ebay user, but I have been known to dabble. I bought a bunch of saris from India which I used to drape the ceiling of my bedroom at my old apartment. I get my favorite perfume for about half of what it costs new (Annick Goutal Vanille). And recently, against all odds, I found my favorite jeans. Again.

A couple years ago Old Navy created Perfection in Jeans. Ultra Low Rise Flare Stretch Short Jeans. They only made them for a short time, and while I bought two pairs, I wore them into the ground within a year. Being short and round, it is difficult to find jeans that fit properly. Low rise on most people is up to my sternum. Let’s not even talk about the travesty that is “slightly below the waist”. It’s not. So while Ultra Low Rise would make me look like a skanky ho if I was five foot 10 inches, at my diminutive height, it’s just right.

These jeans just fit. Snug on the hips, loose on the legs, soft, comfortable, and they look really good. After pair #2 died, I set up an auto search on Ebay for the jeans in the hopes of locating another pair. After buying 3 pairs that were too high in the waist, too big, too long, I hit the jackpot and found another pair. That pair was laid to rest about two months ago.

Today the universe smiled upon me and I won another auction for Ultra Low Rise Flare Stretch Short Jeans. If the baby Jesus is truly smiling upon me, these will be the real deal, and by Christmas I will have one more precious pair of my most favoritest jeans ever.

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