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Blogging on Boxing Day in Belize (with pictures!)

Yes, I am officially an Internet Weenie. I’m sitting in another (sweltering) internet cafe, blogging away. But this time, dear readers, you get pictures as well!

Turns out our hotel has wireless, but it’s bloody slow. Bloody slow is the best way to describe most services on this island. Things do not happen at New York City kind of speed. I know, we’re on vacation, but waiting 1.5 hours for your damn food when your starving starts to bug. I’ll say no more.

Just kidding.

Here we have a picture of the species Davidus Quimbius in his native habitat. As you can see by his protruding eye sockets, he is naturally adapted to his environs.

David has been having a nice time diving, though the morons who run his diving company “forgot” to pick him up yesterday morning. Such is the disadvantage of not staying at a tidy, American-run dive resort. The advantages are making more of a contribution to the island’s economy, being able to eat a variety of food, and not having our passports confiscated at the door. Less convenience, but also less Big Brother.

David took a picture of me snorkeling but I refuse to publish it, or allow all those stupid ones and zeros to remain in existence. Not. Pretty. Also, I suck at snorkeling, and the water continues to be murky. I’ve found my niche in wandering into town, buying stuff for people (yes, you), and falling asleep in hammocks while reading. Not a bad way to spend a week. We’re doing an all day snorkeling/sailing thing on Thursday, our last full day here, so that should be fun, if I remember to take Dramamine and we don’t go too fast.
All the pictures in this lot are underwater, but stay tuned, I’m planning a photo-journalistic expose for tomorrow.

Yes, that’s a shark.

Having a million cable channels in our hotel room has not proved to be helpful in keeping me outside, but what is vacation for if not slacking? I’m just slacking on my slacking, is all.

We’ve had a couple good meals. Lobster is prevalent and good, though expensive. My mom asked what the food was like at Capricorn, so I’ll try to remember. Let’s see, abject boating terror, two shots of tequila.. I think I had fish of some kind. We had a spicy but soupy ceviche that was pretty nice. There’s sort of pseudo-Mexican food here, but none of it has been that great so far. Honestly, I totally can’t remember what I had for dinner, other than it was fish-based and tasty. We had rum-soaked chocolate cake with a candle in it for dessert – the waitstaff sang to me and had to hold a hurricane lamp around the candle so the wind wouldn’t blow it out for me. Then the terror filled ride back. Did I mention I’m not a boat person?

This is a cool sponge of some kind.

I hope everyone is having a lovely holiday and staying warm and malaria-free, like us.


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