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Like a Laser Beam

That’s how focused I am.

Laser-beam focused on doing anything, and I mean anything, but my homework. Do you know what it takes for me to break down and clean my office? Setting time aside? Drinking a lot of espresso? Not being able to see the floor? No. What it takes is my inability to sit down and work on the four, count them, four deliverables I have due on Weds, the last night of my Ethics class.

So now I can see the floor and the surface of the guest bed for the first time in months. I may even get really crazy with it and vacuum. Or, I could do my homework. Except I haven’t scrubbed the kitchen, done the dishes, exercised, showered, or washed the dog yet. And all of those things, things I could put off indefinitely on a normal day (except the shower part) sound amazingly enticing when I need to do my homework.

I have mastered the fine art of procrastination.

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