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Current Addictions

My New Hair Color
Note the black streaks:

Mad props to my hair guy, Christian at Orbit.

IMovie on my MacBook
My first ever movie. Simon is chasing a laser pointer, sort of. His elderly dog eyesight is not so great. I learned how to do this at my ProCare mac lesson today. Sweet.

Justin Timberlake
Yes, I have a not-so-secret addiction to hip hop and pop music. JT collaborates with Timberland on his latest CD and it is fierce. I love the way he layers sounds, and the guy really can sing (he also plays actual piano, who knew?). If you’re not completely averse to music of the now, check it out.

I know this isn’t breaking news, but I love Wikipedia. Searches run this week:
Enki – Sumerian Deity (I was reading a Sci-Fi book that talks about him)
Pope John Paul II – This was for some info for my final Ethics paper.
North Korea – Tired of only understanding half of what’s going on there, I did a bit of reading up.

Tiff’s Treats
A local gem, this company makes ungodly good cookies fresh daily and delivers them to your office with milk. Warm. Gooey. I sent some to David’s office this week when he and his peeps were working around the clock. Who needs sleep when you have sugar, chocolate, butter and milk?

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