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Further Condensing

I condensed almost all of my pictures into one album, and almost all of my opera career into one scrapbook*. I’ve been pretty brutal about getting rid of stuff. I have one box of keepsakes left, everything opera has been relegated to a keepsake, and decor that doesn’t fit me anymore but I have some sentimental attachment to. I put all the sheet music on the bottom shelf of one of the two bookcases I can squeeze in my office. This is pretty major.

Moving in went without a hitch. Couches were moved, bedroom furniture installed. David’s place looks much homier now, and it seems as if I could have crammed all my junk into one of the FOUR walk in closets, if I’d wanted to. Maybe with a little overflow into the additional two closets and fourteen hundred cabinets and drawers. Of course now I’m in nesting mode and seem to be finding myself at Target every evening perusing closet organizers and drawer lining. I’ll let you know when I perfect my system.

*It was bad enough that someone could have seen me in the scrapbook aisle at Target, I despise the so called art of scrapbook. But the actual process is completely insane. You have this leatherette bound book with twenty layers of binding crap, and weird little screws and nuts and washers and extensions that you have to fit together to bind your pages in. Has anyone ever heard of the THREE RING BINDER? Totally humiliating. Plus I had extra pieces of binding and screw thingies left over, so that can’t be good. I, who am totally handy with the screws and the cordless drill and even a little jigsaw, and I’m defeated by a freaking scrapbook. The rise in popularity of scrapbooking is one of the signs of the apocalypse.

2 comments to Further Condensing

  • Nancy Oster

    The little thingies left over are to encourage you to buy more pages. The problem is that when you’ve finished scrapbooking all of the stuff, you no longer have a life because you have spent
    the past year or two getting everything you’ve ever done into a scrapbook.

    The better solution is to put it all in a drawer. When
    that drawer fills up, you move to another drawer. When all the
    drawers are full, you buy another house because the old one is full.
    Love, Mom

  • MissM

    That’s what I’m trying to avoid…

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